ASRock’s New X99 Motherboards

September 9, 2014 Joe 0

Many motherboard manufacturers have been very positive about the X99 chipset and invested a lot of effort to create some very powerful motherboards. AsRock has […]

What About Modular Smartphones?

June 17, 2014 Joe 0

Smartphones are probably some of the most pervasive pieces of technology in society nowadays, beaten only by cars, light bulbs, and the ever-broadening category of […]

Net Neutrality

The Death of Net Neutrality

May 22, 2014 Joe 0

The FCC has recently been discussing net neutrality and it is immediately obvious that the organization doesn’t care the least bit about either consumers or about […]

Build A PC

Build Your Own PC and Save Money

May 15, 2014 Joe 0

There’s nothing better than getting a brand new computer, firing it up, installing your favorite programs/games, and breaking it in. However, if you’re buying your […]