Tech News Line is a website where all geeks can come and read all of the latest tech, gaming, and geek-related news. On TNL, we will do our best to make sure every news story and every latest hot topic is being covered.

While we are typically 100% biased in our way of thinking, we will do our best to not let that infiltrate our news stories… we hope that’s the case, anyways. At TNL, we do feel like we have a unique spin to put on the latest news from the tech and gaming industry and we will work our hardest to present interesting-to-read stories, rather than the same boring old pieces that you’re used to reading.

Our goal is to build an active and thriving tech/gaming community, to eventually introduce forums, and to garner a huge following. The only way we can accomplish these goals is if we give you, our readers, what you want to read. So, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us using the Contact tab above, or email us at admin [at] technewsline.net.

While our team is small right now, we hope to grow in the future. Here are the three founders of TechNewsLine.net:

Joe Frandsden

Joe is a long-time tech enthusiast. He loves building his own computers, making things blow up, and playing old school games like Ultima Online and the original Warcrafts. Joe, a husband and father of two, is also a big Boston Red Sox fan and enjoys watching other sports as well.

Greg Lucesi

Greg is a software-engineer turned freelance writer. He has been writing about tech and gaming for almost seven years. Greg has two cats named Rikki and Tiger, he loves to play the guitar, and he is a self-proclaimed movie buff who states that Gladiator is the best movie ever made (he claims you need to watch it about 20-30 times before you really understand what Ridley Scott was doing.)

Kevin Prater

Kevin is an avid League of Legends player who loves all things gaming. He is also getting big into the 3D printing movement and he owns two RepRaps and a MakerBot. Kevin studied computer science in college and his goal in life is to become the real Batman.

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