Build Your Own PC and Save Money

Build A PC

There’s nothing better than getting a brand new computer, firing it up, installing your favorite programs/games, and breaking it in. However, if you’re buying your computers pre-built from manufacturers like Dell, Apple, HP, or buying a cheap gaming laptop, you’re really missing out.

The alternative to buying pre-built machines? Build them yourself.

There are two main advantages that come with building your own gaming computer: 1) It saves you a ton of money because you do not have to pay the high markup prices that manufacturers place on their machines, and 2) you’re in complete control of the components that go into your system, which means you can build it to suit your needs.

Fortunately, building your own gaming computer isn’t that difficult. According to Brent Hale of, “…building a computer is a very doable thing for just about anyone. Seriously… if you can operate a screwdriver and read, then I’m pretty confident that you can build your own gaming computer.”

What You’ll Need to Build Your Own Computer

If you are interested in building your own computer, you will need the following components:

  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Video Card (if you’re planning on playing games)
  • Memory
  • Storage (either a hard drive or a solid state drive)
  • Case
  • Power Supply
  • Optical Drive (though you can go without an optical drive these days and just install your OS through a USB stick)
  • Operating System

And, of course, you will also need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and some kind of audio playback device.

Another option is to get an upgraded CPU cooler. While the stock fans that come with the CPU you choose are generally fine, going with an upgraded CPU cooler is ideal for overclockers and performance enthusiasts.

Save Money By Building Your Own PC

As previously mentioned, you can save a ton of money by building your own PC, rather than buying it pre-built from the manufacturer. In fact, some manufacturers, like Alienware charge thousands of dollars for computers than be built for less than a thousand dollars.

And, with all of the different deals from online retailers like Newegg, TigerDirect, NCIX, and Amazon, it’s never been easier to get a very powerful computer at a very affordable cost.

This is especially true when Black Friday comes rolling around. The prices available on these days are often ridiculously low and people have been known to build computers for half the cost of what they normally would have by waiting until Black Friday to get their components.

Build Your Own PC Today

There’s no doubt about it, building your own PC is the best way to get a high-end machine at a low cost. However, building your own computer also gives you a sense of accomplishment, especially considering that probably 95% of computer users don’t even know what the inside of a PC looks like.

If you do want to build your own gaming computer, I recommend using Elite Gaming Computers, Tom’s Hardware Forums, or PCPartPicker to help you pick components.

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