ASRock’s New X99 Motherboards

Many motherboard manufacturers have been very positive about the X99 chipset and invested a lot of effort to create some very powerful motherboards. AsRock has designed more boards than most based on the X99 Chipset, AsRock have announced a range of 9 motherboards which are designed with different types of users in mind. All of the newly announced AsRock X99 boards include a LGA2011-v3 socket and support state of the art Haswell-E Processors.

X99 OC Formula

The OC Formula X99 motherboard is designed to give users as much control over board settings as possible. Revolutionary circuit design makes it possible to support a power hungry 1300 Watt processor. The board is ideal for overclockers. The board also supports four graphics cards. The board not only allows users to tweak settings and overclock, but due to excellent cooling systems it should also make a stable computer which can run for 24 hours a day 7 days a week if required.

X99 Professional

The professional model is very similar to the OC Formula as it’s based on the same board. However, it is designed mainly with gamers in mind. It features the same over clocking support and also adds additional connectivity including the E2200 LAN adapter. Other boards designed for gamers include the X99 Killer series which lacks the over clocking control but still has a very powerful cooling system.

X99 WS

The X99 WS has been designed as the top of the range board for normal users. This supports up to 128GB of memory and 160W Xeon E5 processors. The specs confirm that the board will be E-ATX size and can fit into 1U enclosures due to it’s low height. The board also has a nice cooling system to keep everything running smoothly.


Unlike other manufacturers like MSI, ASRock have decided to neglect support for SATA Express on all it’s newly announced X99 motherboards. This is included on almost every new model from MSI at the moment. When asked for a comment, ASRock said they did not believe SATA offered much value since there weren’t many devices using SATA express to warrant integrating compatibility into their boards.

All of the X99 motherboards from ASRock feature integrated Purity Audio 2 dedicated audio hardware. There are also all the standard ports available that you would expect, including USB, network and audio out. There is also a legacy PS2 connector for a mouse or keyboard just in case you haven’t upgraded to USB yet.


At the time of writing, these boards still haven’t been released. However, they are scheduled for release quite soon, at which time there should be more details available regarding pricing. Asrock are normally quite competitive with their pricing, so it’s likely to be priced as a mid-range board. AsRock are a great motherboard manufacturer and have been producing reliable boards for a long time, and it’s X99 motherboards are likely to be just as well built. The only downside with the X99 range from AsRock is the lack of SATA-Express, but this won’t be an issue for most people. We will hopefully update and write a more in depth review once the boards have been released and we get chance to try one out.

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