What About Modular Smartphones?

Smartphones are probably some of the most pervasive pieces of technology in society nowadays, beaten only by cars, light bulbs, and the ever-broadening category of “computer”. Everybody has a smartphone.

Even I have one now, and as someone who’s been opposed to getting a cell phone for so long, it’s not easy to resist the urge to get one.

My main qualm with the phone I have is that it’s, well, a piece of crap. I didn’t spend much on it, but looking at what went into it, I’m automatically thinking to myself, “They could’ve built a much better phone for the same amount of money…”

Well, if you’re of the same mindset as me (and most people who’ve ever built a computer), you probably already know about Google’s Project Ara.

For those of you who don’t know, Project Ara is a modular smartphone concept that revolves around a base “phone” which is then augmented with tile-shaped pieces of tech.

We’re talking everything from CPUs to GPUs, but also including things like extra battery space, a nicer camera, a better transmitter, or even a solar panel. This isn’t some announcement, because the tech has been going around the media sphere for months, but with the eminent release coming in January, we all have a question to ask ourselves: “What kind of phone am I going to build?”

Think about it. With all these different options, your phone doesn’t even have to be a phone.

If you wanted a badass gaming tablet, just jam a ton of GPUs in there and call it done!

Want the same device to suddenly be a professional-grade camera? Swap out one of the GPUs for a lens! How about am emergency phone with a satellite transmitter and a ton of batteries and solar panels? Or a music player with a top-of-the-line output and ludicrous storage space?

I think this is going to change the way we use smartphone forever… But what do you think?

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Joe is a long-time tech enthusiast. He loves building his own computers, making things blow up, and playing old school games like Ultima Online and the original Warcrafts. Joe, a husband and father of two, is also a big Boston Red Sox fan and enjoys watching other sports as well.

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