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As an avid Sudoku enthusiast, I could not find a satisfying Sudoku game on Steam, so I started learning the programming language, and based on my understanding of Sudoku and the experience of other games of the same type, I created a new Sudoku game – Meta Sudoku in a few weeks, whether you are a novice or an experienced Sudoku master, this game will meet your gaming needs.

Meta Sudoku is a minimalist puzzle game, your only goal is to fill in the nine numbers 1, 2, 3, and up to 9 in the spaces in a 9 X 9 square according to the numbers given by the system, so that each row, column, and every 3 X 3 palace contains the nine numbers 1~9, and there are no repetitions and omissions.

The rules of the game are simple, but finding all the numbers that fit the rules can be challenging. Meta Sudoku is great for exercising your brain while relaxing at leisure, and it provides players with the most comfortable gaming experience.

There are four modes of Meta Sudoku:

  • 1. Classic Mode: This mode contains six increasing difficulty levels, namely easy, medium, advanced, difficult, expert, master, and each difficulty level contains 40 levels.
  • 2. Pack mode: This mode contains three increasing difficulty levels, namely Pack I., Pack II., and Pack III., each difficulty level contains 25 levels. Compared to the classic mode, the levels in this mode are more beautiful, and the distribution of the system numbers is like a mysterious geometric pattern.
  • 3. Endless mode: This mode still contains six increasing difficulty levels, namely easy, medium, advanced, difficult, expert, master, each time you enter a new level, the system will carefully select a level that belongs to you.
  • 4. Ultimate Mode: This mode contains only three levels. These levels are definitely a real test, they were designed by world-class masters themselves, and considering their difficulty, I designed them to the end. I strongly discourage challenging these levels at the beginning, you can try them again once you are familiar with the game mechanics. After completing these levels, you will have a full sense of accomplishment.

Game Features:


  • 1. Minimalist interface to provide you with the most comfortable visuals, allowing you to focus on the fun of the game
  • 2. There are multiple color themes in the game for you to choose and replace to avoid aesthetic fatigue as much as possible
  • 3. Several quiet, comfortable and relaxing ambient music to relieve your brain fatigue
  • 4. Multiple mechanisms reduce the likelihood of optical illusions
  • 5. Support the operation of withdrawal and recovery, you have the opportunity to repent.
  • 6. Support the hint function of remaining numbers to save game time as much as possible
  • 7. Support shortcut keys, which improves the convenience and flexibility of operation, allowing you to pay more attention to the logic of the number itself
  • 8. Exiting halfway will save time and progress (if you don’t want to use this function, you can change it in the setting interface)
  • 9. Support English, Russian, Chinese, French and other languages



  • 1. Support Steam cloud save
  • 2. There are some simple style achievements that you need to complete
  • 3. Ultra-low pricing with frequent discounts
  • 4. In the future, gradually add trading cards, Steam badges and other functions



The audio in the game is all from royalty-free files provided by excellent sites like freeSound.

If you encounter any problems with the game, or want to give me some comments and suggestions, or even just want to say hello, you can contact me through the Steam community or email. I will try to find time to communicate with you as pleasantly as possible. I apologize if I didn’t respond to your message in a timely manner, probably due to negligence or busy work. I will try to avoid this from happening.

Your support and input are crucial to me, and I will continue to improve the game to ensure it performs at its best in all aspects.

Finally, thank you again for taking the time to read this article, please enjoy your Sudoku journey to the fullest! ——————Matrix Science

This page is translated using ChatGPT, if you find any misleading content, false transmission, or culturally sensitive issues during use, please contact me to update. Thank you for your help and feedback!


“Meta Sudoku is very simple to use and improves the efficiency of playing the game”
Game Informer

“… Super low price, comfortable experience”

“Relaxing music, which greatly reduces the mind-blowing feel of the game itself”
Plato Magazine

Title: Meta Sudoku

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy


Matrix Science


Matrix Science



Release Date: 29 Aug, 2023

System Requirements


    • OS: windows 7+

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